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Elizabeth Fuller

About Me


I grew up in Bridgeview, Illinois.  As a child I always enjoyed Art.  At a young age in grade school my teacher encouraged me to keep doing art, as I had a natural talent.  I went to college and studied Fine Art.  I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Western Illinois University.  After college I worked as a Graphic Designer for years.  I moved to Milwaukee, WI with my husband Brett in 2000.  I continued in graphic design until I had children.  I retired and became mother of two beautiful children.


I picked up my paintbrush about 8 years ago for fun.  I love nature and decided to paint the beautiful evergreen tree in our backyard.  And what fun it was!  It led me down an exciting path of discovery.  When I paint I am carried away to a peaceful, happy place.  I have been painting and creating ever since.  

I specialize in landscape canvas paintings, leatherwork, painted glass and upcycled art.

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